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PEKM Kabeltechnik s.r.o.


Spółka PEKM Kabeltechnik s.r.o. powstała w 1991 roku w Libercu w obszarze produkcji wiązek kablowych dla przemysłu motoryzacyjnego.

W 2007 r. przejęła 100% udziałów w Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc. z siedzibą w USA (więcej na www.cvgrp.com). Spółka PEKM Kabeltechnik stała się zatem częścią międzynarodowej grupy tworzonej przez producentów produktów dla przemysłu motoryzacyjnego i pojazdów użytkowych o ogólnoświatowym zasięgu.

Aktualnie firma PEKM Kabeltechnik dostarczy swoim klientom szeroką paletę produktów w obszarze wiązek kablowych. Od małych wiązek do silników elektrycznych produkowanych w seriach w wielkich ilościach, poprzez bardziej kompleksowe wiązki kablowe dla przemysłu motoryzacyjnego, aż po bardzo kompleksowe wiązki kablowe do samochodów użytkowych z seriami produkcyjnymi w szeregu sztuk.

Targy - docelowe

  • Maszyny budowlane i rolnicze

  • Samochody ciężarowe i użytkowe

  • Samochody osobowe

  • Autobusy

  • Generatory elektryczne

Firma PEKM wdrożyła następujące systemy zarządzania:

  • IATF 16949

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 45001

  • AEO

Polityka firmy


The company deals with internal and external aspects and involved parties. It obliges itself to fulfil relevant requirements and continually improve its quality management system in order to achieve its vision to become a sustained and sought-after design provider of cable harnesses, electromechanical, electrotechnical and mechanical assemblies for utility vehicles and automotive industry.



In all aspects of our business, our goal is to meet relevant legislative, general or contractual requirements and consider risks and opportunities (eg. processing and protection of GDPR personal data within the EU, ISMS information security, product security, etc.)

It is our priority to meet the needs and expectations of all involved parties.



Our customers evaluate the quality of our work, therefore we focus in our activities on meeting their requirements and expectations.
It is our aim to exceed expectations of our customers in order to increase our competitiveness.
Our customers include not only purchasers of our products and services but also our colleagues who follow up our work, either by further processing our product or by working with information provided by us.



Suppliers are indispensable part of the production chain, the quality of supplied products impacts the quality of the product we supply to our customers. Therefore, it is necessary that our suppliers meet our requirements (including quality, delivery dates, volumes).
Our company supports the development of our suppliers in order to increase the standard of supplier-purchaser relationships.



Our staff is the most important part of our company, therefore we strive to attract qualified, motivated and loyal employees. We require our employees to be responsible and deliver quality work, adhere to the rules of occupational safety and keep their workplace clean and tidy.



The organization management creates, plans and provides resources that are necessary to implement and streamline all management system processes so that the requirements of all involved parties could be met.

The organization management creates safe and healthy working conditions for employees and implements appropriate measures to eliminate the risks associated with the current epidemic situation.

The company strives to continuously increase the efficiency of all processes through monitoring and taking measures.

We do not support activities that do not contribute values or even cause losses.



Our company actively seeks opportunities for continuous improvement of its environmental profile and efficiency.
By anticipation and suitable preparation we limit the impacts of possible hazards (emergency situations) on the environment and adverse effects on human health and life.
We seek to create a working environment which fosters maximum productivity in employees while supporting adherence to appropriate health and safety standards.
Communication between our company and wide public can help us to collaborate in projects that lead to continuous improvement of the environment and company image.

Communication between the company's management and employees helps us to continuously improve the work environment and reduce risks.

Polityka bezpieczeństwa informacji

The information security policy declares the fundamental goals and principles of information security management at PEKM Kabeltechnik s.r.o.



The main goal of the information security management consists in protection of key information assets of PEKM Kabeltechnik s.r.o., which constitute an indispensable tool for the fulfilment of the Company strategy.

We understand information assets as the information needed for the Company activity, as well as all resources indispensable for acquisition, processing, storage, use and actual protection of the information. They include primarily the data, information, software, hardware, end use devices (computers, notebooks, printers, barcode readers, etc.), the infrastructure (networks, network devices, etc.), persons (internal and external workers working with information assets), and suppliers (HW, SW administrators, etc.). The information assets include also the information processed in other than electronic form (printed documents and records, record books, video recordings from safety cameras, etc.).

The principle of information security management consists in the identification of essential information assets, in finding out all aspects that could endanger the assets, and in taking sufficient measures for the required accessibility, confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the assets.



The Company information security management concerns all stakeholders, primarily all internal and external workers, suppliers and customers. Everybody coming in contact with information assets of the Company must be familiarized with this policy and with the necessary scope of specific requirements, rules and procedures to handle the information assets included in the Company management documentation.



All essential aspects of the information security are documented in the internal management documentation of the Company. They are regularly reassessed, updated and approved by the Company management and they constitute a unified system of information security management.

The information security management at the highest level is under the responsibility of the Company Manager who appoints the Security Manager. The Security Manager is responsible for the information security management system.

The basic principles specified in the information security management system are the following:

  1. The Company takes and asserts the measures needed for information security based on examples of best practice, primarily in compliance with the standard requirements on the information security management according to ČSN ISO/IEC 27001:2014 Information technology – Security techniques – Information security management systems and ČSN ISO/IEC 27002:2013 Information technologies – Security techniques – Code of practice for information security controls.

  2. The information assets of the Company are identified and reviewed within the risk analysis from the perspective of potential impacts on the Company in case of breach of their accessibility, integrity, confidentiality or authenticity.

  3. All information are always classified and identified according to their confidentiality.

  4. The use of the information assets is always managed in compliance with their classification, including the management of their access. The access to the information assets is always granted exclusively for the specific purpose. If the purpose of use of the information asset expires, the access must be cancelled.

  5. The protection of the physical environment provides a sufficient base for protection of the information assets.

  6. The end users of the information assets are instructed on the prescribed procedures and rules related to the use of information assets.

  7. The suppliers and customers are familiarized with the information security management system in the scope needed for the security of the information assets used in the supplier relations with PEKM Kabeltechnik s.r.o., including the security of the customer information used by PEKM Kabeltechnik s.r.o. to fulfil the deliveries. The essential aspects of information security within the supplier relations are governed by agreements.

  8. Any breach or suspected breach of the information safety must be immediately reported by all stakeholders to the Security Manager who will arrange its investigation and recording.


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