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PEKM Kabeltechnik s.r.o. products

The Company is active primarily in the development, production and assembly of cable harnesses for commercial vehicles and automotive industry, but also in the assembly of wiper systems.

Our means of production and equipment needed for production fully comply with the individual customer requirements and with the latest technological trends in the area of the development and production of electrical harnesses and systems.  

Cable harnesses

Specialization primarily on the production of cable harnesses for the following applications:

  • Engine harnesses

  • Frame harnesses

  • Cabin harnesses

  • Panels

  • Gearboxes

  • Navigation

  • Battery harnesses

Wiper systems

The assembly of wiper systems is a minority, but also very important part of our production. In the field of development, we closely cooperate with Sprague Device, our sister company, which is an important manufacturer of wiper systems in the American market.

  • Cabins of agricultural machines

  • Cabins of construction machines

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